article i: title

The association is known as the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians and shall be referred to in this document as the AVDT.

article ii: incorporation

Section 1
The Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians shall be incorporated under the state of Arizona as a not for profit educational organization operated exclusively for the purpose specified 501(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Section 2
The term for which it is organized shall be perpetual, however, if dissolution of the incorporation should occur, its property shall be distributed to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or other organization which shall qualify under the application section of the Internal Revenue Code in the event that the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) no longer exists.

article iii: purpose and objectives

Section 1
The Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians is a group of Credentialed Veterinary Technician Specialists of North America that recognizes a need for promoting knowledge of Veterinary Dentistry.
Section 2
The AVDT promotes an expansion of knowledge and education of veterinary dentistry among credentialed veterinary technicians of North America.
Section 3
The AVDT promotes the welfare of the companion animal.
Section 4
The AVDT shall benefit the veterinarian, the veterinary technician, and the companion animal caregiver.
Section 5
The AVDT strives to expand the role of the veterinary dental technician in the workplace.
Section 6
The AVDT strives to facilitate the education of the veterinary community through continuing education and journal articles.
Section 7
The AVDT shall operate under the direct approval and guidance of NAVTA and shall submit annual reports to the CVTS committee of NAVTA as required in the Content of Petition and will report any changes in documents to the CVTS committee at that time of the annual report.

article iv: membership

The AVDT strongly recommends that all members be members in good standing with NAVTA.
Section 1: Charter Membership
Members of the Organizing Committee must qualify by meeting all of the following requirements as stated by The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) for the Committee on Veterinary Technician Specialists (CVTS) and be approved by NAVTA.
The Charter Members will be voted on by the Organizing Committee members after the first group of applicants to this Academy have been tested and approved under the requirement mandated by this Academy.
Section 2: Active Membership
Active members shall be graduated from an AVMA accredited program , credentialed in the state in which they are employed, fulfill the eligibility requirements as stated in the by-laws, taken the examination and be current on all financial obligations to the AVDT.
Section 3: Inactive Membership
Only Active members in good standing may become Inactive Members. Active members who are current in their dues may, by written application to the Board, apply for Inactive status. Inactive members shall pay fifty percent of Active membership dues but have no voting privileges, cannot hold office, nor serve on any committees. In order for an Inactive member to return to Active status he/she must make written application to the Board and be approved for returned to Active status. Upon Board approval and upon paying one year Active membership dues, the Inactive member shall be retuned to Active membership status and shall have all the rights and privileges of the Active member.
Section 4: Retired Membership
An applicant for Retired Membership shall be a technician who has reached the age of 65 and is no longer actively engaged in veterinary medicine. Documentation of retirement at an earlier age must be approved by the board of directors. Said applicant must submit a request for retired status in writing to the AVDT Board of Directors who shall investigate and act upon said request.
Retired members shall pay no dues and will have all the rights and privilege offered an Active member.
Section 5: Life Membership
Members of good standing and have been a member of the Academy for 15 years, will be awarded a meritorious service award on the anniversary of the fifteenth year of membership. Upon retirement from active veterinary employment, the member will become non-dues paying life member of the AVDT, with all the rights and privileges afforded an Active member.
Section 6: Honorary Membership
Honorary membership may be awarded to non-technicians who have made major contributions to the advancement of technicians in the field of veterinary dentistry. The Academy may by two-thirds vote of the voting members present, elect to honorary membership those who have by their lives and work, rendered conspicuous service to veterinary technicians in organized veterinary medicine in due form. Honorary members shall pay no dues and have no voting privileges. The VTS designation cannot be held by an Honorary member.

article v: board of directors elections and duties

Section 1
The Officers of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians shall include President, President -elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
Section 2
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers and three (3) Directors at large who are Active members and who are elected by the membership. Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one vote on issues for seconded motions at AVDT meetings. No one on the Board of Directors shall be paid for his or her time. All on the Board of Directors shall understand that this is a volunteer not for profit organization and no funds in excess of budgeted amounts shall be allocated for any officer without a majority vote of all Board Members.
Section 3
The terms of office shall be as follows. The term of President and President-elect shall be two years. The term of Secretary and Treasurer shall first be one year, and then shall be two years thereafter. These terms shall begin when the AVDT has received recognition by NAVTA. Board of Director elections shall take place at the annual meeting. Initially, two Directors at large shall have 2-year terms and one Director at Large shall have a one year term. After these initial terms, the At Large Directors shall have 2 year terms. These terms shall stand unless there is a majority vote by the Board of Directors amending that particular office term.
Section 4
The Officers shall have no limit as to how many terms they can serve in all positions on the Board of Directors.
Section 5: Vacancy of Office
If a vacancy other than President occurs within the Board of Directors, the President shall assume the duties of that position until the next regular or special Board of Directors Meeting can be called to elect another individual to fill the vacancy. A majority of the Board will be required to elect a replacement Board member. The President will continue to serve until such time as this individual becomes comfortable with his or her new position and is ready to assume responsibility of that office. The President-elect shall succeed the President at the end of the President’s term and shall fill the unexpected term of office of the President if the President is unable to fulfill his or her term.
Section 6: Resignation Process
Any member of the Board of Directors who wishes to resign his or her elected position must notify the President in writing at least thirty days prior to resignation. Upon receipt of notice of resignation the President must advise the members of the Board of Directors so nominations can be made at the next Board meeting. If the President resigns his or her position, then the President-elect shall be notified and it will be his or her duty to notify other Board Members.
Section 7: Duties of the Officers
President: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The President shall preside at all monthly Board Meetings and the Annual meetings.
The President shall create agenda for all monthly Board Meetings.
The President shall vote only to break tie votes.
The President shall represent the Academy in all matters unless otherwise delegated by the Board.
The President shall be responsible for apprising all other Board Members of happenings within the Committees.
The President with Board approval shall be responsible for appointing Chair people of the Academy Committees.
The President shall preside at the annual Board and Business/Membership meetings.
The President shall be a member of the Fiscal committee with the Treasurer and the Past President shall participate in the setting of the annual budget and oversee all financial expenditures.
The President shall act as the spokesperson for the Academy to the media, the public and other related organizations unless otherwise delegated by the Board.
The President may appoint a liaison with all other designated allied associations.
The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
If the Treasurer should be unavailable for check signing, or appropriation of funds, the President shall fulfill that function and be able to sign checks and access funds.
The President shall assume the role of past president at the end of the term.
President-elect: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The President-elect shall serve as President in the absence of President.
The President-elect shall serve as President if the President resigns until such time as a new President can be elected by the Board of Directors.
The President-elect shall serve on the fiscal committee and help plan the annual budget.
The President-elect shall serve as an advisor for other Board members and the Academy membership. If the Treasurer and the President should be unavailable for check signing or appropriation of fund the President-elect shall fulfill that function and be able to sign checks and access finances.
The President-elect shall serve as Chairman of the Education and Program Committees.
Secretary: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The Secretary shall make available to all Board Members the agenda for upcoming board meetings.
The Secretary shall record minutes from all Board and general membership meetings.
The Secretary shall maintain a file to consist of all correspondence, minutes, agendas and documents for a five-year period.
The Secretary shall pass on all present and past secretarial records to his or her successor within one month following the completion of his or her term.
The Secretary shall assist the President in all Academy correspondence.
Treasurer: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The treasurer shall keep itemized records of all receipts and disbursements for a period of five years and submit a written report at each regular Board meeting and each annual Membership meeting.
The Treasurer, President and President-elect shall be the only people to have check signing privileges, but the President will sign checks only if assuming the position of Treasurer. The President-elect will sign checks only if both the Treasurer and President are unavailable.
The Treasurer shall supervise and work closely with other members of the Board in any financial matter pertaining to the Academy.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for membership billing procedures.
The Treasurer shall hand over all financial past and present records to his or her successor within one month of relinquishing office.
The Treasurer shall prepare a written annual budget that will be presented to the Board for approval at the annual Board of Directors Meeting. The approved budget will be presented to the membership at the annual Membership meeting.
Immediate Past-President: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The Immediate Past-President is an Officer of the Board and will serve as Chair of the Fiscal Committee.
Directors at Large: Two-Year (2-Year) Term
The Directors at Large shall be charged with executing the directives of the officers of the Board and assisting in the formation of and be advisors for committees within the Academy.
Directors at Large shall be elected by a quorum of votes from the active membership   of the AVDT.
The Directors at Large shall be ambassadors of the Academy and help promote the Academy at the annual meeting and to the general public.
The Directors at Large shall help to maintain good relations with other organizations within the field of Veterinary medicine.
The three Directors at large shall serve as an audit committee for the office of the Treasurer.
If a Director at Large wishes to resign his/her position, written notice must be submitted to the President within thirty (30) days of resignation. At this nominations shall be taken for the position and an election of a new Director at large shall be held at the next general meeting.

article vi: academy meetings

Section 1
The Academy shall hold an Annual Business Meeting to be held at such time and place as to be announced by the President of the Board. The Secretary shall announce the Annual Meeting time ninety days in advance and Board Members shall be advised of the agenda within three weeks of the meeting. A quorum of sixty-six percent (66%) shall be required to conduct business. Proxy votes will not be accepted.
Section 2
Monthly Board Meetings shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month in a private Internet chat room as selected by the Board of Directors.  The chat room shall be private and for Board Members only and shall be accessed by a password specified by the Board Members.
Section 3
Committee meetings shall be held as announced by the chair of that committee.
Section 4
Notification of coming meetings shall be made by the Secretary, as approved by the President at the end of each Board meeting. The Secretary shall announce the time and place again along with the agenda within seventy-two hours of the next planned meeting.  If a Board member is unable to attend the monthly Board meeting, they shall notify the President within forth-eight hours of that proposed meeting and shall present a written report at that time of any projects which they may be working on.
Section 5
The Fiscal Year shall run annually within the stipulations of the Articles of Incorporation.

article vii: committees

Section 1: Authorization
The Academy shall have standing committees as specified within the by -Laws of the  Academy and shall have ad hoc committees as determined by the Board.
Section 2: Appointments
The President, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, shall appoint the chairpersons of all committees.

article viii: amendments

Section 1: By Membership
The members may at any meeting amend, alter, or repeal any part of the Constitution by the affirmative vote of the majority of the number of members , provided the substance of the proposed amendment shall have been stated in the notice of the meeting, or by unanimous vote of all of the members present without notice.