Article V – Committees


The Board at its discrimination may appoint an Executive Committee that shall serve only in an advisory capacity to the Board. The Executive Committee shall serve at the will of, and may have its membership changed at any time by the Board. Members of the Executive Committee shall be comprised only of Officers, and shall consist of any number of Officers as directed by the Board.

Section 2: Standing committees

  1. Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominations for Board Members and Officers of the Academy as stated in By-Laws Article II.
  2. Education and Programs Committee will organize and manage the scientific programs and publications of the Academy. The Chair of the Education and Programs Committee shall be the President-elect. The number of members of the Committee will be decided by the Board of Directors.
  3. Credentials Committee shall be composed of a Chair and five (5) other members appointed for overlapping three-year terms. The President shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee. The Committee shall review the eligibility of candidates, and recommend to the Board which candidates should be admitted to the Academy entrance Examination.
  4. Examination Committee shall be composed of a Chair and five members serving overlapping three-year terms. The Committee shall prepare and administer the Academy entrance examination, and recommend a list of successful candidates to the Board of Directors. The Committee may work in conjunction with a professional examination service if so determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Appeals

The Appeals committee shall be composed of four (4) members appointed by the AVDT Board of Directors, one of which shall be appointed as Chairperson. No member of the Appeals committee may be an AVDT officer or member of the Board of Directors. No member of a committee directly involved with the appeal may be on the Appeals committee. The committee, once charged by the Board of Directors, shall investigate and then make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning appeals of committee or Board of Directors actions, within a time limit set by the Board of Directors, which shall not exceed sixty (60) days. This committee shall be appointed each year by the Board of Directors. Any member of the Appeals committee in conflict with the above directives shall be replaced as needed by the Board of Directors. The committee’s investigation shall investigate appeals made by individuals. It shall make one of the following recommendations.

  1. If questions or procedures investigated are considered to be improper, or incorrect on a credentials packet or examination: the committee shall report the same and recommend to the Board, on the examinees behalf, that deducted points for those items be added back to the examinees score. Should the Board sustain the findings; the mentee’s score will be appropriately adjusted by the Board. Should the new score attain the original pre-designated pass mark for that portion of the credentials packet or examination, they shall declare that portion passed.
  1. If it is found that a mentee was willfully misled or treated substantially different from other mentees of the same group, in a fashion that would have adversely affected their performance, by members of the Credentials orExamination Committee: the committee shall report their findings to the Board of Directors. Should the Board sustain the findings, the mentee shall be allowed to retake that portion of the examination without it counting on the “Three Attempts Within Five Year Rule”.
  1. In appeals other than for examination: the committee will report their findings to the Board for action that the appeal held no grounds.

Exam Appeals Time Table                                                               Days

Report exam results to examinee                                               45
Examinee to Notify Intent to Appeal                                           30
Examinee to File Appeal                                                             30
Board of Directors to Charge Exam Appeals Committee            30
Exam Appeals Committee: Obtain Records, Meet, Reply           60
Board of Directors to take Action                                                 30
Secretary to Notify Examinee                                                      30
Total                                                                                            255 (Maximum)

Every effort should be made to abridge the Exam Appeals process.

Section 4: Other committees

The Board shall have the right to appoint such committees or research groups as it shall deem appropriate all of which are to act as advisory to the Board.