Class of 2020 Application to the AVDT

Academy of Veterinary Dental Technician

Application Packet Instructions for Class of 2020

  1. Read the entire application packet. Read all and fullfill all 8 steps listed. If you have questions regarding the requirements or anything in the application welcome letter please ask before submitting. Click on this link—> Class of 2020 Application Packet
  2. Fill out entire form with your general information. 

    Credentials Application 2020

    Credentials packet application
  3. Form 1, Letter of Intent. Print and fill it out to be scanned and emailed to credential chair. Click on this link–> AVDT 2020 Form 1 Letter of Intent
  4. Form 3, Applicant/Mentor contract.  Print and fill out to be scanned and emailed to credential chair.  Click on this link–> AVDT 2020 Form 3 Mentor Contract
  5. Confirm your mentor. You will be responsible for finding your own mentor. Click on this link to see list of names–> AVDT 2020 Available Mentor List
  6. Have a current CV or Resume to be emailed to credential chair. Email to credential chair.
  7. Create your outline for your plan for the program and have reviewed by mentor and email to credential chair.
  8. Pay your application fee of $78.00 (includes a $3.00 convenience fee) via Paypay. Click on this link–>, Select Class of 2020, enter your name and email address and select Pay Now.
  • All documents sent regarding the application packet are sent to credential chair: Renae White, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) at
  • Subject line should read: AVDT Class of 2020 application/ {INSERT 1st & last name}
  • Please send all documents from the above information in 1 email.
  • Any questions regarding applying to AVDT please direct them to credential chair, Renae White,